Were you impressed with Madison Cawthorn at the 2020 GOP National Convention?

I sure was.

You detect a “but” coming, don’t you.

But the Republican Congressman from North Carolina disappointed many during a recent speech in Asheville that was recorded by WRAL-TV.

Did you catch that?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and it is incredibly evil and it has been pushing woke ideologies. It really is the new woke world empire.”

His remarks didn’t go over well.

“Like 90 percent of the country is with Ukrainians and is opposed to Putin,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). “So when you see a member of Congress say things like this, the one thing I want you to know: they’re outliers.”

“To my colleague in the House, I would push back and say it’s not Ukraine that is invading Russia,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa). “It is Russia invading Ukraine.”

“Let’s be clear,” said state Sen. Chuck Edwards who is hoping to defeat Cawthorn in the GOP primary later this year. “The thug is Vladimir Putin. We must unite as a nation to pray for President Zelensky and the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their lives and their freedom.”

“I do not understand how anyone in American public office could call Zelensky a ‘thug’ while Ukraine is under such vicious assault,” said Michele Woodhouse who also is running against Cawthorn. “Conservatives in my district are terrified that we will lose this republican seat to a leftist Biden democrat if Cawthorn somehow wins the nomination.”

On the day the video of Cawthorn’s remarks was released he tried to save face.

“The actions of Putin and Russia are disgusting,” Cawthorn said on March 10. “But leaders, including Zelensky, should NOT push misinformation on America.”

My guess is that’s not nearly good enough and Cawthorn’s in big trouble.

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