Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/22): If You Were Wrong, You Need to Apologize

Today’s read is from Liel Leibovitz, editor at large for Tablet Magazine. Here’s the obligatory tease before the entire column:

In our school parents’ WhatsApp group last month, a petition was making the rounds to do away with masking our children. Some of the supporters were parents who, just a few months ago, aggressively backed any and all precautions, no matter how senseless or strict—and who demonized those who questioned the regime.

Everywhere you look these days, you see people making the turn, the gradual, baffling, painful, redeeming process of realizing that so much of what they thought about the world—about COVID and wokeness and Russia and the Democrats and the Republicans and everything and anything else—might’ve been misguided and must now change. It’s a great awakening, a mass movement consisting of individuals doing that thing that most strongly defines what it means to be human—namely the ability to examine reality, reconfigure our convictions, grow, and change. It’s a very promising sign that a real realignment is at hand, and that on the ashes of our scorched political earth something new and beautiful is being built.

But first, apologies are in order.

Read it all here. It’s really good.

5 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/22): If You Were Wrong, You Need to Apologize

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