Oh, c’mon, hush up. You know you’re just fine with high gas prices!

Froma Harrop has been seen on MSNBC and PBS and heard on NPR and many other radio outlets. And she is currently a contributor to CNN Opinion.

That makes it pretty clear. Harrop’s a leftist. Turns out an out of touch, flat out goofy leftist.

She writes in her latest column:

Whenever gasoline prices spike, commentators turn theatrical with emotional talk of “pain at the gas pump.” An analyst for CNN just went further, calling the most recent rise “a slap in the face.”

Slingers of hyperbole might ask Ukrainians now under vicious bombardment what they would consider “a slap in the face.” The answer should make them ashamed.

Americans know that Ukrainians are fighting for us. If Russian President Vladimir Putin were able to just roll over that country in an easy victory, he’d no doubt already be testing the borders of Poland and other NATO countries that the United States is duty-bound to defend. The sacrifice by the people of Ukraine is saving us all both blood and treasure.

Set aside the moral and human catastrophe of Russia’s savaging a peaceful country. Ukrainians are suffering to preserve not only their democracy but ours. And so paying more for gas is the least Americans can do to help them. To our credit, most Americans are OK with it.

Froma Harrop is nuts.

She’s in the same idiot class as late night TV show host Stephen Colbert. From Gary Bauer who heads up American Values, a non-profit educational organization:

Colbert  really stepped in it the other night. He told his audience that they should be willing to pay extra for gas in order have “a clear conscience.” Colbert added that he would be willing to pay $15 a gallon … because he drives a fully electric Tesla.

Today’s new record high of $4.25 a gallon wouldn’t hurt Mr. Colbert even if he didn’t drive a Tesla. He’s a multi-millionaire.

But these record gas prices are crushing working-class people, and we won’t see nightly images of American mothers and fathers crying because they can’t pay their bills.

It’s beyond galling to see leftist millionaires bragging about how much they stand with the poor people of Ukraine, while they couldn’t care less about what’s happening to struggling American families — you know, the “forgotten Americans” who Donald Trump talked so much about.

And finally, back to Froma Harrop and her argument that America collectively needs to stop its whining. Blair Snipes works at Harley Davidson in Anderson, SC, and writes perfectly on FB:· 

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently that go something like this..

“I’m sure the people in Ukraine wish all they had to worry about was high gas prices.”

To that I say, I’m sure you’re right. I also get the point you were trying to make, and I agree. Compared to the people living in a war zone this isn’t that bad.


Maybe not for you..

But imagine a single parent who lives check to check at no fault of their own.

How about the people who struggled financially for the last 2 years, started to see light at the end of the tunnel, and now this?

It’s still a big deal to them.


The “it could always be worse” people are just as bad as the “it must be nice” people.

Worry. About. Your. Self.


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