UPDATE: Extremely out of touch Franklin school board candidate reaches out to voters

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The update:

Boy, for a doctor this Jeffrey Hall character doesn’t seem too bright.

People are talking about the Franklin school board candidate, and it’s not real good.

As I previously blogged Hall sent out a robocall this past Sunday afternoon while a lot of folks were enjoying their weekend.  Bad move. Dumb move.

Doctor, doctor.  News bulletin. People hate those things.

U.S. consumers received nearly 4 billion robocalls per month in 2020 prompting FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel to say, “I’m a consumer, too. I receive robocalls at home, in my office, on my landline, on my mobile. I’ve even received multiple robocalls sitting here on this dais. I want it to stop.”

Last month the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) listed the top ten complaint categories for consumer complaints received by DATCP in 2021.

Earth to Dr. Hall. Telemarketing was #1.

Even if Hall had left a powerful, effective message (he did not), it probably backfired causing a potential loss and not a gain of voters.

Having said that I realize I’m in the minority but I don’t mind the robocalls. I want to hear what candidates are saying, whether I agree or not. Message can be erased quickly leaving me relatively unscathed.

But I get the frustration of robocall recipients.

With the election about a month away Hall might have already killed his own campaign. In Franklin’s February 2021 school board primary there were seven candidates including Hall. Six moved on to the general election in April. Hall finished seventh in the primary, dead last.

This election he’s off to a dreadful start.

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