Extremely out of touch Franklin school board candidate reaches out to voters

While most Franklin voters I imagine were watching an exciting Wisconsin basketball game vs. Nebraska Sunday afternoon they either got hit with a robocall or this text message:

Jeffrey Hall. Ran in the last Franklin School Board election, and got thoroughly embarrassed. His clock was cleaned, big time.

I know what you’re thinking.

The guy lost badly, but now, has he suddenly come back with this stunningly brilliant ad?

Well, not so fast.

Before I go on…there we go. Tongue out of cheek.

Just a couple of observations of what a profoundly powerful this ad is.

#1. “I promise to work hard to make sure the students of Franklin receive an exceptional education.

Hmm. Now that’s a toughie.

C’mon Kev. Think about it. Surely, in the 30 years you’ve lived in Franklin you’ve heard Franklin school candidates use that in their campaigns, haven’t you?

Well, don’t pressure me now. Let me think. Did he say how he’d accomplish this?

Kevin, no!

Let’s move on to #2.

He’s going to what, make sure the kids graduate prepared for the future?

Yeh, Kev, that’s what he said. What’cha got to say about that?

Here’s what.

That’s enough.

Time to get serious about this clownish candidate.

Does he honestly believe a serious issue to run on is Franklin’s graduation rate?

Allow me to boil this down so we don’t get buried in bureaucrat-ese.

Franklin High School’s graduation is chart-topping. And it would be even closer to perfect if not for the Franklin House of Correction.

Franklin Public Schools is consistently in the 98th percentile specifically for Franklin High School.  If you look at past state reports, it will appear less, as they include the House of Correction students.  One of the most recent reports states, “the inclusion of the Milwaukee County Correctional Facility School, where many incarcerated youth are considered dropouts from Franklin because they do not re-enroll in their resident school district upon release, impacts the district’s overall graduation rate.  This is why the district’s overall graduation rate score is lower than Franklin High School’s graduation rate score.  As part of the district’s work, we consider the results of all students as we plan for improvement. “

Take the HOC out of the equation and Franklin’s graduation rate is 98% with a rate to equip our students prepared for the world also extremely high. So what is this guy talking about?

We’ll talk more about the elections in weeks to come. For now, this is, to borrow a term, the “dagger” for Jeffrey Hall’s campaign.

Hall seen at a recent Franklin School Board meeting double-masked. Do you really want someone like this running our schools and dictating to parents and their kids how to behave?

Do NOT vote for Hall.

6 thoughts on “Extremely out of touch Franklin school board candidate reaches out to voters

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  3. The irony of you calling this guy out for not going into detail about his plans for success but also backing Tony “the statement speaks for itself, don’t ask me to go into detail” Novinska a few weeks ago.


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