Franklin, it’s time to unmask ALL of our children

When the Franklin School Board meets tonight there is some speculation that masks will be discussed. It’s ridiculous that K4 and early childhood students continue to be forced to wear masks.

Could it be that control-thirsty board members Linda Witkowski, Angela Bier, Ann Sepersky, and Maqsood Khan finally, even if by some fluke, have come to their senses and will choose to unmask these youngsters?

Let’s suppose they do. If not tonight, but sometime. That would be good news. It’s what many of us want, right?

If and when it happens, my view is there is no joy. That wouldn’t be my reaction. After the final tally has been taken, there should be no cheering. No clapping. No smiling. Not an ounce of gratitude.

For two years the majority of school board members has uncaringly refused to exercise any empathy. Instead, they callously and unnecessarily inflicted pain and suffering on the smallest of the small. The many physical and mental effects of masks on our very youngest have been well-documented. Witkowski, Bier, Sepersky, and Khan supported bureaucrats crazed with power rather than parents and children.

They’ll get no bouquets from me. You can forget forgiveness. And they shouldn’t be forgotten, especially come election time when all of them need to be booted out of office.

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