The question no one is asking about the business-destroying Strauss opponents

Who the hell is paying for the litigation by the group Franklin Community Advocates (FCA)? And might I add how?

Think about it.

Attorney fees. I saw the figure $80-thousand tossed around.

A “study” of more than $30-thousand that is flawed at best.

Thousands spent on glossy multi-colored mailers.

And about that “study?” The Franklin Common Council meets again Tuesday night to once again take up the Strauss matter. God only knows what will happen. Remember, the council still has the “Strauss be damned triumvirate” of Kristen Wilhelm, the untrustworthy John Nelson, and outgoing growth-hater Dan Mayer.

The aforementioned “study” is addressed in the meeting packet for Tuesday beginning on Page 97.

There’s a ton of inside baseball you can read if you relish your brain bleeding. Here’s what FCA says:

There have been numerous academic reports that attempt to quantify the effect on property values due to proximity to Animal Operations use, such as a slaughterhouse. In this instance we have attempted to include as many studies as possible that address factors that might be a consideration for the proposed Slaughterhouse facility locating in a suburban/incorporated area, similar to the City of Franklin.

In essence and to simplify, the “study” studied study after study after study. Those studies studied aforementioned Animal Operation uses and large scale animal feeding operations. NONE of them apply at all to Strauss. Wouldn’t matter to those who want Strauss to crash and burn.

I repeat. Who and how are they paying for all this shortsightedness? It’s incredibly disheartening when the city had to scratch and claw for $$$ for an all-inclusive playground.

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