If you fought to unmask kids in school, your labor of love will not be forgotten

Tampa, FL

Domestic terrorists, they called us.

We created a “hostile environment” one of my local school board members erroneously charged.

Month after month after month in my small community of Franklin, WI (approximately 36,000 residents) concerned taxpaying parents calmly, respectfully lobbied the school district to unmask our children. Keep masks optional for those who wish to wear them, we argued. Just don’t force them on families.

Our school board meetings were nowhere near as boisterous as some gatherings elsewhere in America. Even so a tone deaf school administration and board shunned and rejected us.

We were condescendingly ignored. Disrespected. Insulted. Lectured. Disregarded. In a few cases, silenced and denied free speech at meetings. After testifying at one meeting last summer one resident, a mask proponent, demonstrated the epitome of low class by flipping two middle fingers to the crowd that was overwhelmingly opposed to masks. No school official issued any condemnation.

As of today my school board has yet to see the light, choosing to keep some mask rules in place, unlike many districts around the country that are finally relenting on the abuse.

Eric Schmitt is Missouri’s attorney general. He writes:

COVID information once considered the stuff of conspiracy theories is now widely accepted. And the notion that natural immunity afforded protection from the virus, though dismissed repeatedly, has at last been borne out by data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On that same note, many are recognizing what we’ve known for many months: that there are real, negative, and lasting psychological implications from endless pandemic restrictions.

Schmitt concludes:

Detractors have repeatedly said history will not look kindly on our efforts to unmask children. I say that years from now, history will indeed prove those of us who fought for children right and will conversely not look kindly on the administrators and “public health” officials that forced children to mask all day in school.

Read his Washington Examiner column here.

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