Bravo to lone citizen speaking in support of Strauss at Thursday hearing

For a couple of hours Thursday night, one by one, speakers at the Franklin Planning Commission hearing blasted the proposed expansion of Strauss Meats. We heard it all before, the same tired gloom and doom arguments that such a move would devastate Franklin.

That’s why it was refreshing to see and hear one resident courageously testify in favor of Strauss.

Last October Franklin business leaders, area commercial real estate professions, and business service providers gathered with the Franklin Economic Development Commission (EDC), Common Council, and City staff to show appreciation for and celebrate the successes of the Franklin business community in 2021 at an event at the Tuckaway Country Club.

The Excellence in Leadership award was presented to Tom Schulz of Krones, Inc, with nominations going to the Doctors of the MOSH (Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) at the MOSH Performance Center at Ballpark Commons, Mike Zimmerman with ROC Ventures, and Doug Milinovich with First Weber Realtors.

Milinovich is an accomplished, successful, respected Franklin businessman. I wholeheartedly support his comments at Thursday’s hearing.

Courteously adhering to the three-minute time limit, Milinovich, the only speaker in favor of Strauss, nailed it.

I would also submit that there’s a sizable contingent of FRANKLIN residents that approves of the Strauss expansion that decided for their own personal reasons to not attend Thursday’s hearing. Maybe they simply wanted no part of a re-do circus-like Strauss bash fest.

Milinovich spoke for me and many, many others, and I thank him.

NOW, much will be made about a statement Strauss submitted that was mentioned very early in the meeting that the company wants to find someone to purchase the land.

Planning Commission member, Alderwoman Shari Hanneman and Mayor Steve Olson reacted to that news but they were preceded closing remarks by Planning Commission member, City Engineer Glen Morrow.

The Planning Commission voted 4-1 to approve the special use permit for the Strauss expansion.

3 thoughts on “Bravo to lone citizen speaking in support of Strauss at Thursday hearing

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