A preview of tonight’s Franklin Planning Commission meeting, re: Strauss

Residents, some with signs, packed three rooms in Franklin's city hall, and the lobby, during the Oct. 8 plan commission meeting. Many expressed concerns about a proposed Strauss Brands expansion in the city.

To save you from having to attend tonight’s clown car of a Franklin Planning Commission hearing so you can stay home and enjoy watching the Bucks-Sixers game, here’s what you can expect, in no particular order:

The favorite word of the evening: “slaughterhouse.”

The sky is falling.

Just imagine the smell.

All those trucks. Night and day. No sleep for anyone.

Roads will go to hell.

What if there’s a fire?

They will slaughter 937 cows a day.

Manure everywhere.

How do we explain to our kids?

The entire city’s property values will tank.

I’m running for alderman. Look. I’m even wearing a tie.

I want to repeat what that other guy said. You know. The odor.

I think foreign nationals now own Strauss.

Strauss lied. People died.

Steve Olson. Bad.

Shari Hanneman. Bad.

They forced her to change her vote.

Can’t prove it. But most people oppose Strauss.

And they’re from all over the world!

I don’t care if my 3 minutes are up.

Only 2.85 people from Franklin actually work at Strauss.

No one will build homes there.

Nobody wants to sue the city. (Yeh, right)

“Le Roy Lewandowski. 8030 W. Winston Way”.…ZZZZZZZZZZZ

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