Good for Michele Tafoya!

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The NY Post reports:

Michele Tafoya is leaving sports stadiums for the political arena.

The NBC Sports sideline reporter completed her final assignment at Super Bowl 2022 on Sunday in Inglewood, Calif., and is revealing her plans for what’s next.

Tafoya told The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch that she will co-chair the campaign of Kendall Qualls, an Army veteran and businessman who is running for governor of Minnesota as a Republican candidate.

“I got to a point in my life where I wanted to try other things, and there are some things that are really important to me,” Tafoya told The Athletic. “This is not to say that sports isn’t an important field, that my job isn’t an important job. But in my position, I was not as free to be as vocal about world events that I’m concerned about.

“It’s not because I was told to shut up. I want to be very clear about that. But look, if you’re on a show like ‘Sunday Night Football,’ which is the No. 1 show in prime time for 11 straight years, unprecedented, the last thing they want to do is invite controversy.”

Tafoya will also appear at the conservative CPAC convention in Orlando later this month, where other speakers include former president Donald Trump, Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Note Tafoya’s carefully worded take on sports reporting:

“This is not to say that sports isn’t an important field, that my job isn’t an important job.

For many years TV networks have inundated football sideline reporter positions with attractive women who at halftime inevitably ask the same tired question or questions to coaches or players who are rushing to escape to their locker rooms.

Why did it go so well?

You’re behind. What adjustments will you have to make? (Like he’s really gonna answer)

What do you tell your team?

And then after the game:

What emotions are you feeling right now?

What was going through your mind when (fill in blank)?

How were you able to (fill in blank)?

They’re just plain stupid. The viewers learn absolutely nothing. These brief chats are a complete waste of time.

Tafoya wants to do something different and put on display what she can really do. Good for her.

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