Supervisor Logsdon accused of playing for the sympathy vote

Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon is running for re-election in District 9 of the Milwaukee County Board. It’s well-documented I’m not a fan.

Logsdon’s granddaughter was injured in last November’s Waukesha Christmas parade attack. Naturally we all wish the very best for her. Now the incident has entered the campaign.

Successful Franklin businessman Doug Malinovich wrote on Facebook:

Enough of the hatred towards one of the best things to ever happen to Franklin, The Rock! I feel terrible for anyone involved in the Waukesha Parade tragedy. However I find it despicable for anyone to try and use sympathy to try and get votes from it!

Logsdon has angered folks for badmouthing the Rock and nearby businesses. Her opponent in April, Donald Schwartz of Hales Corners,elaborated on several issues on Facebook:Thanks again Doug. I agree with you about the Rock.

The standoffish attitude needs to be replaced with a positive and solutions based mindset to make things even better. To this point, the County District 9 Supervisor must work on solidifying and improving the relationships with all community stakeholders. And if there is disagreement (which is normal procedure in politics) get in there and roll up your sleeves and make it work. Airing dirty laundry publicly without engaging honestly and openly with community and business leaders is totally unacceptable. We can do better and we will.

Also, about the Waukesha tragedy, I sent an inter- community email right after it happened and acknowledged and encouraged people to donate toward the medical bills on behalf of her granddaughter. Why? Simple! It was the right thing to do.

However, going door to door and crying to residents to get sympathy and votes during a political campaign for re-election is despicable. Also, the incumbent county supervisors who rejected a solid redistricting plan last fall and replaced it with one that improves their re-election chances is also despicable.

And I know many citizens throughout district 9 who were following the work of the redistricting committee and they were absolutely dumbfounded that a good plan was abandoned with one that keeps the county board clown car reputation intact. We can do better and we will!

In addition, Hales Corners Pool has been closed for two straight summers and as of today it will be closed this summer.

Never mind that approximately $500,000 of improvements were completed six years ago from the efforts of former District 9 Supervisor, Steve F. Taylor, with a new pool liner and a new pool house roof. We must have a County Supervisor in District 9 who will be proactive well in advance rather than being reactive with the score 16-0 with two outs and no runners or co sponsors on the board or on the bases in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Finally, as one who has been volunteering for 19 years this month as the cofounder of the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool and working with the Milwaukee County Parks Department we must have a District 9 Supervisor who will work with both sides not only to make sure Hales Corners Pool is open, but to back off on the constant writing of more government resolutions which amounts to bureaucratic red tape and makes it harder for Friends groups to perform their advocacy in County Parks. This means developing strategic partnerships throughout the district for the mutual benefit of all sides. I will do this starting on day one after I’m elected. My record of doing this the past 19 years is known with folks who have been watching. 

Our current supervisor is cosponsoring Substitute Resolution / Ordinance, File NO. 21-558 which imposes numerous new rules for Friends groups to abide with including that no County employee can be an officer or board member of Friends group. So after I get elected to the County Board on April 5, 2022, I would have to give up my role as President/ Cofounder of the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool. This is just yet, one more example of the current supervisor working in her mind to improve her chances of winning the election. However, it will not work or deter me

As your county supervisor, I will spend my time working on the things previously mentioned above and also will find a way to keep the Hales Corners Pool house open year round. The Milwaukee County Parks Department is missing out on a revenue stream here that I have been telling them for 19 years. I get dozens of requests every year for people wanting to rent the pool house. And I will make sure this happens in the first year that I’m in office instead of hanging out in the County Court house office and drafting legislation to keep the hammer firmly down on the community volunteers and Friends groups and neutralizing their tremendous community efforts.

We can do better and we will!

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