Strange stories about a couple of love songs

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Popular rock and roll session man Leon Russell wrote a classic in 1970, “A Song For You.”

Russell told filmmaker Danny Tedesco he wrote the song “during a period in my life when I was trying to write standards…trying to write a blues song that Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra could sing. A limousine driver told me that one time in New York, Aretha Franklin was a passenger. When they arrived at their destination, ‘A Song For You’ came on. She made him sit there and play it 20 times in a row.”

We recently just ended the Christmas season. What about the immortal classic “Greensleeves”?

Ted Gioia is the author of the 2015 book Love Songs: The Hidden History. Gioia claims “Greensleeves” apparently originated as a song about prostitution.

“’Greensleeves’ gained popularity as a melody used to solicit clients,” Gioia states, adding, “and the title possibly alludes to the grass stains on the attire of women who had sex with customers outdoors.”
City Hall: City Will Shame Prostitutes' Customers » Urban Milwaukee

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