UPDATE: Strauss opponents resort to slimy approach

Strauss Brands Seeks to Grow Grass Fed Beef Production

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The update:
Here’s a copy of the form letter being sent out…

I urge you to vote against the proposed Strauss slaughterhouse that nobody wants in Franklin. The city can do far better for its constituents than a slaughterhouse.

Any other kind of business would be a better choice, a business that actually attracts other business development, that people can take their kids to, that does not pose a public health and safety threat, that is not a place where animals suffer and are violently killed, that does not pollute the environment, that does not create a nuisance for nearby residents and businesses, and that does not subject workers to extremely hazardous conditions.

Thank you for considering my position. I hope you’ll vote your conscience. Commamder Karen V Brown
8 Germain St Apt 7
Saint John, New Brunswick E2L2E5

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