Some Dems want to ease up on COVID hardball. Their motivation is nowhere sincere.

Silent epidemic of grief' overwhelming COVID-19 families, mental health  professionals - Study Finds

Have you seen news stories about leaders in big cities run by Democrats around the country considering dumping their COVID mandates and restrictions?

Even some Democrat governors have already taken action.

It’s a move that would have been unthinkable last year: Weeks after a holiday surge crushed hospitals and more people died in a single month than a typical annual flu season, four Democratic governors this week declared an end date to statewide mask mandates in schools. ABC News

What’s going on? Politics. That’s what’s going on. Does anyone seriously believe that suddenly these characters have seen the light and realize what we’ve known for a couple of years that those rules and regulations don’t work and do far more harm than good? That would be naïve thinking.

Here’s the simple explanation. The Dems understand they’re in serious trouble. They know full well they are going to get their asses kicked in future elections. Ending the mandate madness is an attempt to fool the mass, to get rid of a major distraction, and then move on to the next narrative. There’s no sincerity in these moves. None.

Liberal publications like the Boston Globe are finally saying enough is enough:

Masks have served as an important line of defense against COVID-19. But the facts on the ground clearly warrant a shift in policy. The Omicron variant is in retreat. Massachusetts is one of the most vaccinated states in the union. And after months and months of muffled conversation, kids deserve a chance to take off the mask and interact with their teachers and peers in a healthier way.

And if the mask mandate is relaxed, some will undoubtedly cry foul.

But the data have consistently shown that schools are safer than the doomsday predictions would have it.

Broadly speaking, an approach that focuses on hospitalizations — rather than simple case counts — makes the most sense. As the Omicron experience suggested, it’s possible, at least, that new variants will cause relatively mild illness. And we’re going to have to learn to live with that sort of thing. To adapt.

For elementary-school-age kids, the pandemic has dominated a fifth, or a quarter, or even a third of their lives.

It’s time for them to breathe easier.

And Roger Kimball, not a liberal, the editor and publisher of the New Criterion, nails it:

Most masks do nothing except make it hard and uncomfortable to breath. They are badges. They accomplish nothing medically. But they do serve to announce one’s compliance, and therefore one’s virtue. They say to the world “I care,” even though the emotion is spurious.

Is that about to change? Maybe. A recent report from Johns Hopkins University shows what anyone not smitten by the Covid insanity knew from the beginning: lockdowns did essentially nothing to lower mortality from the Chinese flu. They did, however, have huge negative economic, psychological and medical effects.

For the first time in history, governments across the globe attempted to quarantine not the sick but the healthy. The results were dire.

I am happy to see that the Hopkins study is getting attention. The fact that it hasn’t been ignored or censored may be a welcome sign that sanity is returning not only to the populace at large but also to the elites: the politicians and the self-appointed experts who lord it over us.

That’s the benign interpretation. A more cynical reading is that those bureaucrats are terrified at the anger and impatience they sense building in the population. In response, they have begun rolling back the various Covid restrictions in order to tranquilize the people and encourage them to forget. It is true that people have short memories. But I suspect that there will be some condign retribution meted out once people absorb just how malicious, preemptory and incompetent our rulers have been.

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