Loaded school board race in neighboring Greendale

UPDATE: I want to thank some Greendale readers who corrected me that in Tuesday’s primary you can only vote for two of the six school board candidates. I have edited my blog accordingly. I still recommend you consider any of the three candidates I mention.

Here in Franklin the spring school board election is rather ho-hum. Not so in next door Greendale. There’s an important primary on Tuesday, February 15th.

Hurt by a number of issues, the Greendale school district seriously needs new leadership and a sense of purpose around student growth and development that reflects the view points of all Greendale residents.

There are two possible votes that can be cast for the Greendale Board of Education primary.  I recommend voting for two of these three:

Thor Misko (incumbent)

Robert Kobleska

Tony Novinska

You can vote early now in Greendale at Village Hall or in person next Tuesday at Highland View or GHS.

16 thoughts on “Loaded school board race in neighboring Greendale

  1. All three of these candadiates were not backed by teachers and are only running because they are against masks. Masks will not be an issue very soon, and then we are left with people who are not qualified


    • Your other candidates are running strictly because of masks and covid. Funny how Greendale went mask optional and they announced their candidacy minutes before the deadline! They are not for parent’s choice to let us advocate for our own children. We will be left with another school shutdown and our children in N95 masks. Let’s not forget about the mandatory (experimental) covid vaccines to attend school they are pushing for. They have built their foundations on a virus that is never going away anytime soon. It’s time we put the focus back on our children and their academic excellence, which is exactly what Rob and Tony stand for.

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  2. This information is incorrect. There are six candidates. The ones you listed, or at least two of the three, are backed with Republican money in a nonpartisan race. The other three candidates, each offering concrete ideas to advance the school district, are Brian Bock, Tassia Hughes and Lorin Schuchart.


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  5. Heather Van Whoo? Don’t forget you endorsed one of the candidates. And, your hubby is a Teacher at the Middle School. Is he aware of how rudely you treat ANYONE with even the slightest skew away from your rigid views?

    I know Rob & Tony personally. They are NOT backed by big, scary Republican dollars. But, nice try.

    Also, Brian Bock and Melissa, his wife, who is REALLY running his campaign are trying to pull off a hoax. You see, they created a fake Facebook account, in which, they sent terrible messages and a pic of a make body part to themselves and tried to blame the other campaign. How do we know this? Because anyone with a room temp IQ realizes that Melissa cannot, cannot, CAN NOT be left out of any conversation. In fact, she inserts herself into so many, she then cries victim when people call her out. They have even called the Police over a Facebook argument. Yet, we are to believe that a 4th degree sexual assault of his wife was handled discreetly by them?!?! Yes, a dick pic can be sexual assault if it’s unwanted and accompanied by threatening text message. None of this passes the smell test. Oh… and why is he the ONLY one whining about partisanship ALL THE TIME?


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