To one of the loveliest couples I know

For years and years they came to the 10:00 Mass on Sunday mornings at St. Anthony’s Church where I’ve been a lifelong member and have ushered at that 10:00 Mass, starting with my father, in 1970. Do the math. A long time.

That’s 50 years-plus. Meaning I’ve met countless folks. Many knew me from radio and TV, and while I didn’t know all of them by name I still knew them. Recognizable  faces. Same pews every week. Same consistent smiles and good wishes as they departed and I’d hand over the weekly church bulletin.

Some time ago I had the privilege of meeting Thomas C. Reeves and his wife Kathleen who live in SE WI. Thomas has written several books. He’s thoughtful with a capital “T.”

On his Facebook page Thomas describes himself as “Retired history professor and best-selling author. Roman Catholic (Latin Rite). Patriot.”


Kathleen is genteel. Classy.  A wonderful lady.

Together they are magical. The quintessential husband and wife if I may be so bold.

I won’t see them Sunday at my beloved lifelong. Alas. Tom and Kathy now go to a different Catholic Church. No, it’s nothing I said. But I will say this here, since I can’t in person.

February 1st, you celebrated your 64th anniversary.

Jennifer, Kyla, and I miss you. God bless you both.

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Tom and Kathy, I’m not sure you’re aware of the Captain and Tennille, the husband/wife team of Darryl Dragon and Toni Tennille. I still send a message of love to you from one of their recordings.

2 thoughts on “To one of the loveliest couples I know

  1. How vert lovely. I’ve begun to walk again (five knee operations) and the pandemic is winding down. Let’s have lunch in the early Spring. Thanks again, old friends.


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