‘Pot Is Like, Bad, Man’

Why Is Marijuana Illegal in the U.S.? | Britannica

Medical marijuana. Good idea or not?

Five years ago this month I blogged about the issue and the debate that took place when I worked in the state Senate. Read all about it here.

Using marijuana to help the ill remains a hot button today. The same goes for just plain marijuana. Why not simply let people have at it. What’s the harm?

Michael Swartz just wrote in the Patriot Post:

 “Weed today is, on average, five or six times as potent as the stuff the hippies smoked back in the ‘60s and ’70s,” (PJ Media’s Athena) Thorne points out. “In 1972, the average THC content in most marijuana in the United States was 3% to 4%. Today’s pot commonly has a THC content of 20% or more. Additionally, the percentage of the compound CBD has decreased, which experts say can increase the overall effect of the more potent grass.”

Based on that ratio, one doobie today is worth five to seven of those Cheech and Chong smoked back in the day…now that nearly half the states have allowed both medical and recreational marijuana, we may be finding many more youth who have issues with concentration and memory from what they considered a “harmless” high.

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