The thought of banning CRT makes teacher throw a hissy fit

This week the state Senate in WI approved a bill to ban the instruction of CRT in schools.

The state Senate voted for the ban Tuesday, 20-13. My state Senator, Julian Bradley (R-Franklin) voted in favor of the ban.

Back in September the state Assembly approved the ban, 60-38.

The legislation faces a certain veto by Gov. Evers. I don’t care. It was the right move by the Legislature.

Tuesday’s state Senate action prompted this response on another Franklin Facebook page. I am withholding the name of the person who made the comment:

The day I have to start posting daily lesson plans for parents to debate is the day I’m done teaching That is going too far. The entire curriculum is already available for the general public. I also welcome parents to observe if they wish. But I will not be nitpicked day in and day out on every choice I make. I teach the state standards. I never give my personal opinions. I do right by kids. That should be enough.

Fine. Get out. Please leave, and do so ASAP.

One thought on “The thought of banning CRT makes teacher throw a hissy fit

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