Dear Franklin school parents: STOP COMPLYING

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Just a few remarks from angry Franklin parents after Wednesday night’s vote by the Franklin School Board to maintain a mask requirement in schools:

Terri Czarapata Overland

If we want to end this, the kids need to just stop wearing them. Period.

Adam Forsythe

I agree 100 %. We need parents to start sending their kids to school without masks and fight them that way as well

Evgenia Vasylenko

Parents, stop complying. It would be over long ago.

I concur.

And I also agree with Joy Pullmann, executive editor of The Federalist who writes:

A person who puts a toddler in a mask, or allows teachers to shame children based on their skin color, cannot be trusted to do just about anything else important and needs to find a new and more productive line of work. Errors this bad are completely disqualifying, and they will not be rectified by merely changing a few surface policies such as the quarantining of healthy kids.

The fact that parents keep their children in schools they charge are teaching racism or delaying crucial development with Covid irrationality gives the schools all they need to keep ignoring the parents.

So it’s no surprise that school boards, principals, and other entities disregard what the parents say. What the parents say has no, or no immediate, enforcement. No wonder the school districts don’t take them seriously.

If the parents wanted to be truly effective — as well as truly honest — they would pull their children from schools en masse until problems of such serious magnitude were resolved favorably. Sickouts and mass protests are highly effective forms of warfare on children waged by teachers unions all the time. But parents so far haven’t responded in kind.

Why is that? Why are parents all bark and no bite with their school complaints? They can see that something very serious is wrong, but they aren’t willing or able to fix it. They’re still waiting on others to fix things for them.

3 thoughts on “Dear Franklin school parents: STOP COMPLYING

  1. In addition to not sending your kids in masks, parents need to also not comply by not wearing them to sporting events or other school sponsored activities. Wake up! We have been lied to by our government and media. Masks don’t work. Follow the examples set forth by UK and Ireland, drop the mask mandates, return to normal. And bring forth the recall election to vote in some fresh conservatives instead of these overbearing, lying, compliant puppets.

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