“Many of our leaders are using our bodies to score cheap political points, impervious to the injury they are inflicting upon us”

Milwaukee mask mandate back? Council vote Tuesday

In an incredibly stupid move the Milwaukee Common Council this week approved a change to the city’s existing mask ordinance to require masks for anyone at least 3 years old in buildings open to the public through March 1. The ordinance can’t and won’t be enforced.

Acting city of Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson who will probably be elected mayor aid he would sign the legislation. The ghost of Tom Barrett remains.

From Jenin Younes, litigation counsel at New Civil Liberties Alliance:

There is no societal-wide justification for these mandates. Many epidemiologists and experts in vaccine safety believed that these particular products did not stop transmission from the start. They unquestionably do not stop transmission of new variants like Omicron. Even CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who relentlessly pursues a blanket vaccine mandate approach, has admitted as much.

For two years, study after study has confirmed what could not escape the objective, casual observer: that community masking with cloth and surgical masks does nothing to slow the spread of COVID-19, despite the attempts of politicians and compromised scientists to twist results of this research to claim otherwise. Rather than admit the obvious policy failures, those who have been insisting upon masking are making the ludicrous claim that the Omicron variant somehow circumvents these barriers while Delta and original COVID did not. And, contrary to the contentions of these “experts,” who are somehow still considered experts despite being wrong time after time, masking is harmful, especially for children.

The commonsense points many of us have been making—that children need to see facial expressions and be free to make such expressions themselves in order to develop socially, cognitively, and linguistically—are now being borne out by research. Masking is harmful to adults, too. Reading facial expressions is one way in which we connect with each other, and it is important for our psychological well-being.

While the average member of the Zoom class does not have to spend the majority of the day in a mask, most members of the working class—servers, bartenders, and uber drivers, for example—do. Masking for hours each day causes pain behind the ears and reduces oxygen intake. It is also hard to escape the dehumanization attached to servers and bartenders having their faces covered, while the patrons remain mask-free from the moment they sit down.

Yet, every time cases rise in a blue jurisdiction, one can be relatively certain that the mayor or governor will weaponize this pointless measure in order to make a show of doing something.

Mandates that serve no legitimate public health purpose and are instituted merely to punish the noncompliant should have no place in a civilized or democratic society. It is time that Americans wake up and realize that they are being used as pawns in a game of politics.

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