Franklin aldermanic candidate: Go ahead ask me anything, except don’t

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

Franklin Alderman Mike Barber is facing opponent Marcelino Rivera this April. Other than disgraced and recalled Basil Ryan from many years ago Rivera is probably the worst aldermanic candidate to ever seek office in Franklin.

Weeks ago Rivera moaned and complained that the Facebook page “The Franklin Community Forum” wasn’t going to allow him to post. How could he get his message out, he cried. Unfair, he protested.  Potential voters would be prohibited from important information.

The moderator of the forum decided, look, you want on here, you got it, and Rivera started posting. But so did Franklin residents. They asked him direct, serious, legitimate questions. And Rivera who begged for the opportunity to correspond with folks refused to answer.

Go to my website, he instructed. Much better idea, he claimed.

People weren’t buying the cowardice. One of them was former Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor who takes office in April as Milwaukee County Supervisor.

“As an elected official who has put his name on the ballot a dozen times and (has been) attacked more times than you will ever be I am disappointed that you have chosen this method,” Taylor chastised Rivera.

“We have never met and I have seen you in action at many common council meetings both virtual and last night live and in person. Let’s be clear right now….I will not allow you to hijack our community. You know how to find me if you want to discuss. A few weeks ago I posted something similar. The results…..crickets.”

I’d pay a ticket to see that meeting.

We certainly know more than we need to at this point to demonstrate how flawed Rivera is as a candidate. And even more damaging info is sure to surface.

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