Steve Taylor’s not in office yet, but enjoys a significant advantage

Steve Taylor of Franklin and volunteers went out and circulated nomination papers to get his name on the ballot this spring for Milwaukee County Board Supervisor. They succeeded, and as a result Taylor will win the seat because he was the only candidate to seek office in the newly re-drawn District #17.

Taylor’s literal walk into office constitutes a severe kick in the face to Supervisor Patti Logsdon who represents a portion of Franklin. Fearing a potential face-off against Taylor in April Logsdon worked to re-draw county board district lines so that Taylor would reside in a district other than hers.

And Logsdon’s strategy worked. Or so she thought. Her plot blew up in her face.

Lines were re-drawn, Taylor now lives in a different district, he got on the ballot and has secured a position, but Logsdon will have a serious opponent in April and could find herself not returning to the board. It’s gotta be driving her crazy. Even before being sworn in, Taylor, who once served on the board, now has a distinct and powerful advantage.

Time. Specifically, time to not have to use waging a campaign. Logsdon does not possess that luxury.

What can Taylor do between now and April? Lots.

He can map out his own personal policy priorities and objectives. He can lobby for committee assignments and even better, committee chairmanships. He can work with future colleagues who know months ahead of time that he’s coming. He can develop an outreach plan to his future constituents. He can hold meetings with movers, shakers, and yes, residents in the district.

All because he has time. There is no mystery in District #17. I understand some supervisors have already contacted Taylor to, you know, discuss.

Again, this is a sharp self-inflicted slap in the face to Logsdon who now has to run against a known opponent. She will be hard-pressed to list major accomplishments, complicating her plan of attack.

Logsdon wanted Taylor out of her district. And she got it. But who’s smiling now?

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