From the guy suing the city of Franklin who wants to be a city alderman

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From the “You can’t make this crap up” file.

The candidate for alderman in the 5th District who vehemently opposes the expansion of Strauss Meats in Franklin has taken to social media with the phony facade of ‘Go ahead. Please. Just ask me anything.’

So Clarence Peter did.

Clarence Peter

Marcelino Rivera III what is your opinion on the Domestic Violence uptick as a result of COVID quarantine and lock down policies? Would you be in favor of additional funding for the police department to lay the smack down on domestic offenders and those that violate restraining orders?

Interesting, thoughtful question. Rivera’s response was not responsive, and well, bizarre.

Marcelino Rivera III

Clarence Peter If the majority of our citizens are willing to do more than simply sit at their computers, troll under fake identities, and engage in childish name calling, Franklinites can truly make our city motto accurate.

Rivera, according to the FB site, took 8 hours to reply. That was ample opportunity to consider and research a reasonable response.

Does this sound like a candidate who is prepared to diligently fulfill the duties of alderman, including making decisions on the police department and its budget?

2 thoughts on “From the guy suing the city of Franklin who wants to be a city alderman

  1. It sounded like almost every political answer to simple, reasonable questions. This bloke and his PR team simply couldn’t put a good word salad response to the question. So they went for the tried and tested distraction and deflection response.

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