“This nut thinks he’s a vampire!”

The Night Stalker” (1972) | RobbinsRealm Blog

My family was watching on TV.

50 years ago tonight.

On January 11, 1972, ABC aired “The Night Stalker” – he highest-rated made-for-TV movie up until that time.

Darrin McGavin portrayed Carl Kolchak, an investigative journalist digging into serial killings that plagued Las Vegas – serial killings that seemed more and more the work of a vampire.

“The Night Stalker” broke ratings records, spawned follow-up TV-movie “The Night Strangler,” generated the 1974-75 series “Kolchak: The Night Stalker,” inspired Fox’s “The X-Files” and garnered a cult following.

2 thoughts on ““This nut thinks he’s a vampire!”

  1. Great show to watch as a kid and still as an adult on Saturday nights. “The Knightly Murders” is still the scariest of the ones. Lots of guest stars in the series too. First episode started out with Jack the Ripper in Milwaukee! Guy probably was from Madison.

    The two movie that predated the series were also fun. “The Night Strangler” was really unique with that Seattle underground setting. Creepy.


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