The latest assault on Ron Johnson: He said something else

Ron Johnson, G.O.P. Senator From Wisconsin, Will Seek Re-election - The New  York Times

“During the 2016 campaign, I said it would be my last campaign and final term. That was my strong preference, and my wife’s—we both looked forward to a normal private life. Neither of us anticipated the Democrats’ complete takeover of government and the disastrous policies they have already inflicted on America and the world, to say nothing of those they threaten to enact in the future.

“I believe America is in peril. Much as I’d like to ease into a quiet retirement, I don’t feel I should. Countless people have encouraged me to run, saying they rely on me to be their voice, to speak plain and obvious truths other elected leaders shirk from expressing—truths the elite in government, mainstream media and Big Tech don’t want you to hear.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Of course liberal heads are exploding. Can’t you just picture them? Jumping up and down. Stomping their feet. Yelling and screaming about big bad Ron.


That’s odd. Did the senator sign a pact with voters? If he did I don’t recall seeing it.

I’d remind the unhinged about their savior Barack Hussein Obama.

Before he was a U.S. senator, Obama liked gay marriage. Then, when he ran for the Senate, he said gay marriage was wrong. As president, he claimed his views were “evolving” on it – and then Obama said he liked it again.

Don’t you see. He…”evolved.” Yeh, that’s it. As with other issues Obama simply…”evolved.”

Of course another way to look at Johnson’s decision is to not over-analyze. The guy just changed his mind is all.

Even some Republicans are falling for the liberal bait about a busted promise. To them I suggest calming down. You want a far better example of a broken pledge that deserved outrage?

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