Week-ends (01/08/22)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Joseph Ocol

Jordan Stolz


Kamala Harris

Fr. Pat Conroy


“The last two years may have sucked, but I’m willing to bet you’d rather be here than anywhere else. In 2022, America will still be the greatest place on earth.”
Dan Crenshaw

“The Democrats want to own this day of January 6th so they can stoke fears and divide America. I say, let them have it because America sees through theirs lies and polarizations.

“This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed.

“Biden, who is destroying our Nation with insane policies of open Borders, corrupt Elections, disastrous energy policies, unconstitutional mandates, and devastating school closures, used my name today to try to further divide America.

“Everything he touches turns to failure.”

Donald Trump

“The January 6th rioters were very stupid. They are paying an extremely hefty price for their stupidity now. They were not ‘insurrectionists.’ They never posed the slightest threat to our system. They were not going to overthrow the government and weren’t trying to. In a healthy country, that’s all that we would need to say about it. We would have long since moved on by now. But the media and the Democrat Party won’t allow that to happen. January 6th gave them ammunition that they will literally never stop using. Ever.”
Matt Walsh

“I don’t think January 6th is going to help the Democrats like the media seems to think it will. But there is a genuine obsession in the press about it. It was a bad day, but it doesn’t outweigh crime, inflation, COVID, school closures, etc. for voters.”
Erick Erickson

“In truth, [Chuck] Schumer, because of his power, is a bigger threat to the constitutional order than any rando who showed up to riot on January 6th. Unlike their actions, his attacks on the system would live on in perpetuity.”
David Harsanyi

“Certain dates echo throughout history, including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them — where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault. Dates that occupy not only a place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory. December 7th, 1941. September 11th, 2001. And January 6th, 2021.”
Kamala Harris

“As someone who was standing inside the North Tower in a hole from a truck bomb on February 26, 1993, and at Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001, delete your account as you haven’t a clue about real vs imagined terrorist acts. Do better & ease off the political Kool Aid.

“If you consider January 6th in the same realm as 9/11, you’re simply professing your ineptness to be taken seriously on any platform, on any level. In fact, January 6th doesn’t even come close to the Rodney King riots of 1992 or the NYC Floyd riots of 2020 in size or scope.”
Rob O’Donnell responding to Harris

“BLM riots of 2020: 25 people killed. Dozens injured. 2 billion dollars in damage. Whole communities left in ruins. Sparked a violent crime wave across the country. And the Democrat Party openly supported all of it.”
Matt Walsh

“There’s no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”
Joe Biden

“If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man.”
Governor Ron DeSantis

“Record numbers testing positive for a sore throat isn’t a crisis. And people in the hospital for car accidents testing positive isn’t a surge. The real crisis is the irrational hysteria which has people with no symptoms waiting hours for a test or missing work for 10 days.”
Senator Marco Rubio

“This is traumatizing our children. The way adults are responding to COVID is having a negative impact on our children. … The safest place for children right now is in a school building. … Strand after strand, we can’t continue to stop our children from developing socially and academically.”
NYC Mayor Eric Adams

“Children are at extremely low risk for Covid. In 2020–21, 678 people aged 0–17 died from Covid. To put that in perspective, 1,161 people in that age cohort died from influenza in 2012–13, and 803 died in 2014–15. Covid is more severe than the flu for adults, but it is not significantly different from the flu for children. The adults have multiple safe and effective vaccines, and now antiviral pills as well to treat Covid. We don’t close schools for influenza, and we shouldn’t close schools for Covid.”
National Review

“$4.5 trillion dollars in covid relief and people can’t get their hands on tests.”
David Harsanyi

“I will not allow [the teachers union] to take our children hostage. I will not allow them to compromise the future of this generation of [Chicago Public Schools] students. That is not going to happen.”
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

“Teachers are not at any more risk than grocery-store workers, restaurant workers, or any of the other ‘essential workers’ who have been working in person throughout the entire pandemic. If fast-food employees can show up to work, so can teachers. In fact, they have a higher obligation to do so because schools are more important than Taco Bell.”
National Review

“We’re using the terminology now ‘keeping your vaccinations up to date,’ rather than what ‘fully vaccinated’ means.Right now, optimal protection is with a third shot of an mRNA or a second shot of a J&J.”
Anthony Fauci

“2022 is the first year women’s faces will appear on U.S. quarters. It’s about time.”
Hillary Clinton

“Helen Keller was displayed on the Alabama state quarter issued in May 2003, and Queen Isabella of Spain’s image was featured on an 1893 special commemorative quarter.”
Washington Examiner

“There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020.”
Joe Biden addressing the nation in January 2022

“We never give [Biden] any free time or any time to think.”
Jen Psaki

“Joe Biden has spent 95 of his 348 days President on vacation, mostly in Delaware. That equates to a quarter of the Biden regime’s first year in office.”
The National Pulse

“I just don’t understand how any intelligent person can look at the world today and say: what we need is more government.”
David Harsanyi

“2022 could be a great time to show what we’ve learned. I tried to warn we were headed too far left.”
Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews

“I don’t think you can be the biggest jerk in the league and punish your team, and your organization and your fan base the way he did and be the most valuable player.  Has he been the most valuable on the field? Yeah, you could make that argument, but I don’t think he is clearly that much more valuable than Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp or maybe even Tom Brady. So from where I sit, the rest of it is why he’s not gonna be my choice.”
Sportswriter Hub Arkush on why he won’t vote for Packer QB Aaron Rodgers as NfL MVP


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January 6


Pabst Blue Ribbon Deletes Tweets About ‘Eating Ass’

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