Who’s running for Franklin school board?

Chaotic Franklin School Board meeting ends in mandatory masks for some  kids, but not all | This Just In… From Franklin, WI

The answers are:

Mike Spragg, current school board president

Debbie Larson, current school board member

Jeffrey P Hall

Spragg did enjoy a brief moment of glory when he voted, unsuccessfully, to unmask Franklin students. But due to his weak leadership he was unable to persuade a majority of his fellow board members to go along. Spragg in essence is a puppet for the Franklin Public Schools administration.

Larson also voted to unmask our children. She seems far more reasonable than when I first started following the board many, many years ago.

Hall ran in 2021 and lost. Here’s what I blogged about Hall after he supplied answers to question from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A petition to address diversifying the curriculum was sent to the school board last year. Where can the district make the most improvements on diversifying the curriculum? 

Hall: I believe the first step to diversification should include both examining hiring practices as well as reviewing the curriculum. I would fully support an effort to add more people of color to the teaching faculty. I would also support including courses focusing on both current events as well as historical issues relating to race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. 

My reaction: the worst possible answer. I don’t want the school district offering classes on any of this. Automatic disqualifier for Hall.

Name one or two specific services provided by the district that you would like to see improved and describe how you would pay for those improvements.

Hall: Overall, I think the FPS does an excellent job providing the necessary services resulting in an excellent learning environment. I do feel the elementary schools are in need of updating. This should include but not be limited to providing dedicated lunchroom space, increasing locker availability, updated gym facilities, increased technology and general updates to facilities. I also believe the high school athletic facilities are in need of upgrade. I would recommend the funds for be obtained via a temporary tax which can be approved via referendum.

My reaction: A laundry list of costly recommendations that arguably would do nothing to increase GPAs, etc. In my view, Hall just eliminated himself.

So, from my perspective, the prospects for voters like me aren’t very good.

There are two open seats with three candidates. So no primary. And it would seem no change on the school board landscape.

If the election were today I’d more than likely opt for Larson, and that’s it. Spragg and Hall would never get my vote.

Finally, remember all the angst, frustration, and opposition expressed by a vast majority of those who attended school board meetings in 2021? Not a single individual in that crowd stepped forward to run.

Apathy. Franklin’s #1 character trait.

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