Yet another example of why developers hate Franklin

It happened at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council. On the agenda: a proposal to rezone land  near 12200 W. Ryan Road to allow the construction of  142 housing units on 80 acres of land between 116th Street and North Cape Road and north of Ryan Road. The concept has been approved by the city’s Plan Commission, 4-1-1 which undoubtedly has exhaustively studied the item.

Lots of officials like to talk a good game about how the city is growing. But when it comes time to actually take action to promote growth, those officials do what Franklin does best: punt.

The Council played Pontius Pilate.

It must be noted that at a recent Plan Commission meeting as well as Tuesday’s council meeting a couple handfuls of residents who live near the proposed Cape Crossing development spoke in opposition. Too many units. Not enough space. Problematic density. More traffic. We’ve heard it all before. Understandably some residents are upset and showed up, feeling their ox is being gored.

Up for consideration Tuesday was a resolution to rezone the area for the development that would “promote the health, safety and welfare of the community.”

One council member after another expressed “concerns” including Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm who continued to build on her legacy of never failing to nauseate everyone in the room with her annoying long-windedness. In the end the council voted unanimously to delay a vote so developers  could respond later to questions they have. Mayor Steve Olson tried to streamline the process by correctly instructing the council to ask specific questions and reference their concerns as well.

A good move by the mayor, especially considering that Wilhelm told developers she wished they’d propose units that were “a little less.” When a member of the development team respectfully asked Wilhelm, “What’s a little less?” she paused, dumbfounded.

“I don’t have a magic number” was her clever response.

So the developers now must face their holidays facing the real prospect they will be inundated by excessive questions and hoops to jump through. This process could take until February or longer.

Can you imagine the developers as they exited when their item was finished for the evening?

‘Do you believe those guys’

‘What more do they want?’

‘Told you we shouldn’t have tried to work with this bunch.’

It’s painfully evident the council doesn’t like this whole idea. Could go down in flames unanimously. Their easy out would/could be they’re just acting on behalf of worried citizens.

That makes the affair rather simple, a concept foreign to this council.

They had the perfect opportunity Tuesday night to vote YES or NO on an item they clearly were not enamored with. They balked. If you’re going to vote no, just go ahead and vote no for heaven’s sake. Don’t waste everyone’s time and money by asking countless questions and demanding countless changes.


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