Failure to wear proper equipment…by a referee

I’ve been writing recently about basketball officials. Like the referee who profusely insisted the overtime period in high school ball is 9 minutes, which is not even close.

This one’s from the “Stuff happens and you can’t make it up” file.

Take a look at this photo from a recent MSOE-Concordia Wisconsin game at MSOE.

Notice anything strange about the official?

Look again.

Raiders Can't Keep Up In Loss To Eagles

Looks fine, right?

Prior to the start of the game where I was the PA announcer he approached the scorer’s table and asked for help that we just couldn’t provide.

His next stop was a visit to the athletic trainer. But all she could do was offer sympathy.

Poor guy. The zipper on his pants was broke and he couldn’t zip up. His plea to the MSOE bench also was futile. Seems a sewing kit isn’t normally on the premises at a women’s college basketball game.

I nicely suggested that the official just go back to the locker room and get a spare pair. His answer was surprising to say the least.

“I gave them away to someone else (another official) out of charity.”

So he was forced to work the entire game sans zipper, thankfully without incident.

This is where I might say that I’ve seen everything. Something tells me that won’t be true.

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