Today’s highly interesting read (12/19/21): What’s your religion? In US, a common reply now is ‘none’

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On this Sunday today’s read is from writers at the National Catholic Reporter. Here’s an excerpt:

The religiously unaffiliated — the fastest-growing group in surveys asking Americans about their religious identity— describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular.”

According to a survey released Dec. 14 by the Pew Research Center, this group — commonly known as the “nones” — now constitutes 29% of American adults. That’s up from 23% in 2016 and 19% in 2011.

“If the unaffiliated were a religion, they’d be the largest religious group in the United States,” said Elizabeth Drescher, an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University. The religiously unaffiliated were once concentrated in urban, coastal areas, but now live across the U.S., representing a diversity of ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Read the entire column here.

And in case you missed last Sunday’s read, here you go. Inspirational.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/19/21): What’s your religion? In US, a common reply now is ‘none’

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