My Most Popular Blogs (12/13/21)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) I remember when Milwaukee’s south side shopped on Mitchell Street

2) UPDATE: Just when I thought I had seen everything involving a high school BB referee…

3) Did someone just threaten Franklin Mayor Steve Olson and the Franklin Common Council?

4) Best Cartoons of the Week (12/11/21)

5) Today’s highly interesting read (12/09/21): CRT Leader Raked In $45K From UW-Milwaukee, Made School Delete Lecture

6) Franklin Common Council to honor state champion football team tonight

7) The worst case of pouring it on in high school basketball I can recall

8) Oh deer! Christmas photos of kids and guns…the Left is apoplectic!

9) Week-ends (12/11/21)

10) UPDATE: Culinary no-no #716

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