UPDATE: Just when I thought I had seen everything involving a high school BB referee…

Previously on This Just In…

The update: The post that got a ton of attention had two components. One item that actually was the impetus for the blog was a ridiculous, stubborn stance taken by a veteran basketball official that a high school overtime period was nine minutes long.

BTW, I’ve talked to several officials since then and I get one of two reactions. One, they laugh out loud. Or two, they are astounded, calling for the guy to hang up his stripes.

The other component of the blog is the shortage of officials, caused in part by the abuse they take. This is a serious problem…everywhere.

Whenever an issue like this surfaces a common reaction is to recognize it exists, but then, what do we do about it? How can we help?

Here’s one potential solution, not a cure-all, but one that could assist to alleviate.

Back in the late 1980’s I began reporting on battery of sports officials in Wisconsin when I worked in public radio. My coverage won awards.

That was some time ago, and it seems progress hasn’t come close to being achieved.

In the current session of the state Legislature there’s a bill to increase penalties for attacking sports officials: Assembly Bill 158 (AB 158). The bill got a hearing back in April, but has gone nowhere since.

If you support this legislation I urge you to contact both your state Assembly representative and state Senator and politely tell them you want them to support the bill as well and take action ASAP.

Don’t know how or who to contact? Check here…see WHO ARE MY LEGISLATORS?

You don’t have to give reasons or explanations to the legislative aide. Just mention you want officials to be protected.

It’s simple and won’t take a lot of time. That’s what we can and should do.

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