My Most Popular Blogs (12/06/21)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Just when I thought I had seen everything involving a high school BB referee…

2) Today’s highly interesting read (11/29/21): A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha vs. Waukesha

3) Today’s highly interesting read (11/30/21): SUVs Don’t Kill People

4) “If we don’t confront the nonsense, we’ll get more nonsense”

5) They’re gone!

6) Best Cartoons of the Week (12/04/21)

7) UPDATE: Your COVID relief tax dollars at work…it’s quite sporting

8) UPDATE: WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi thinks the recent behavior of my family, and possibly yours, is ‘insane’

9) The latest pro-life news (11/29/21)

10) Today’s highly interesting read (12/02/21): We Are the Majority; Let’s Start Acting Like It

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