Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: He’s Polish American. She’s Puerto Rican. They fall in love in NY.

On September 26, 1957, “West Side Story,” composed by Leonard Bernstein, opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway.

The winner of just two Tony Awards, for choreography and set design, “West Side Story” was still successful enjoying a maiden run of 732 performances.

In 1961, a film version starring Natalie Wood, Rita Moreno and Richard Beymer was a big hit, and took home 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Opening one week today in theaters across America…

Steven Sondheim, interviewed in 2020 in the above segment, wrote the lyrics for “West Side Story.” He died last Friday at the age of 91.

In case you’ve forgotten some of the marvelous compositions from this legendary production, here’s the Marcin Józef Żebrowski School of Music Symphony Orchestra in Częstochowa, Poland, performing in 2014.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About "West Side Story" | InStyle

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