Caller rightly scolds Scaffidi on his WTMJ Radio show

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OK, first let’s get rid of the disclaimers.

I thought Steve Scaffidi was a very, very good mayor in Oak Creek.

I’m pretty sure that Scaffidi is a really, really nice guy.

But as a radio talk show host? Let’s just say he’s not my cup of tea.

I rarely listen to him on WTMJ. When I do he’s usually disappointing.

Not very insightful or analytical. Can’t carry an entire program on his own so he resorts to stacking the show with guests aplenty.

I never come away having learned anything. What I do hear is Scaffidi claiming he’s a Republican. Interesting I never hear him declare that he’s a “conservative Republican.”

If he is a Republican (and I believe he is) he’s not a very strong one, taking great delight whenever he can to rip the GOP with name-calling, insults, and condescending lectures. He did concede that he didn’t vote for Trump. Revealing.

On his Monday program this week he ran a clip from the previous night’s broadcast of CBS’ 60 Minutes where British-American author, editor, and political commentator Andrew Sullivan was interviewed. This is the same Sullivan who in 2003 proclaimed he could no longer support the conservative movement.

On 60 Minutes Sullivan blasted the events in Washington D.C. on January 6th, comments that were right up Scaffidi’s alley, since he has swallowed hook, line, and sinker the baloney that the protests were an insurrection.

Scaffidi called Sullivan’s take “brilliant” and in a general criticism of people on the right said “we gotta stop with the madness.”

He scoffed (again as he has done many times) at those who believe the “election was filled with fraud.”

Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure bill with its obscene spending shouldn’t have been controversial.

We are “poisoning the next generation” with our behavior where “people act like tools in grocery stores.”

People are “wasting our time.” They are “crazy.” You are “stupid if you blame the other side and you do the same thing.”

Those with strong political views (like me) show “no depth of research or understanding.”

My God, has he ever listened to any of his own air checks?

“Get over yourself” Scaffidi lashed out.

You see, in Scaffidi’s mind you’re OK, IF you are just like him.

His safe out is he likes to blame “both sides.” He’s an equal opportunity pontificator.

So I absolutely loved when near the end of the hour Scaffidi took one last phone call on the ‘can’t we all just get along’ topic from a gentleman named Andrew who proceeded to take the host to the woodshed.

I’m going to “Hold you to your own standards. Treating people like people.

“Let me tell you something. You are calling people dumb. You are calling people crazy.

The problem isn’t one side vs the other. The problem is we have a bunch of folks who think they’re smarter than everybody else, who think they’re more moral than everybody else, who want to impose their values on everybody else   and they want to do it forcefully, and they want to do it by ridiculing others and using the force of government to keep them in line. That’s the problem.

“Calling people stupid and crazy is not going to make (things) better.”


Thank you, Andrew, for putting Scaffidi in his place. He definitely had it coming.

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