What political ‘type’ are you?

Left, Right and Centre: Understanding the Political Spectrum – The  Politically Incorrect Indian

And I don’t mean Republican or Democrat.

BTW, stole this from my old friend Charlie Sykes. Well worth your attention.

The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank. According to the Center there are nine (9) political typology groups.

  1. Faith and Flag Conservatives
  2. Committed Conservatives
  3. Populist Right
  4. Ambivalent Right
  5. Stressed Sideliners
  6. Outsider Left
  7. Democratic Mainstays
  8. Establishment Liberals
  9. Progressive Left

I am a Faith and Flag Conservative.

Faith and Flag Conservatives are highly religious, politically engaged and both socially and economically conservative. They favor a robust role for religion in public life and a smaller role for government in society, and they hold that a strong American military is essential in international affairs. They overwhelmingly identify with the GOP and remain strong supporters of former President Donald Trump.

How did I find out? I took the quiz and you can, too, to see what type you are.

Chart shows the 2021 political typology

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