Today’s highly interesting read (11/11/21): Would You Manage 70 Children And A 15-Ton Vehicle For $18 An Hour?

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On our daughter’s first day of school this year her bus wasn’t coming. Wasn’t coming. Wasn’t coming.

The school district advised it would still be awhile so Kyla should wait inside. Of course that’s when the bus finally arrived and she (and others) missed it. We were not amused.

Kyla’s driver rarely arrives at the same time, but it’s not all that upsetting as we get this is not a walk in the park occupation.

Today’s read about school bus drivers is from Maggie Koerth, a senior science writer for FiveThirtyEight. Here’s an excerpt:

It isn’t an easy job. The kids don’t behave. Some, unsure of their own addresses, can’t tell (the driver) Steele where to go. When parents get angry at a system that isn’t working, they blame (the driver). And the company that runs the buses has packed her schedule to the point that there’s no longer time left to pee between runs. She’s thinking of quitting, even though she knows that will make things even harder for the families relying on her.

As the bus driver shortage continues, parents and drivers, often women on both sides, have been stretched to the breaking point as they try to do more with less — less time, less money, less help, less of a sense of safety and respect.

The bus driver shortage is part of a larger, longer problem in schools — one that extends beyond the school building. When “women’s jobs” go unfilled, other women, namely moms, pick up the slack — and the effects reverberate across the economy.

There’s a lot more. Read the entire article here.

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