CRT UPDATE (11/08/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

Boy Scouts Announce New Critical Race Theory Requirement

Scouting’s latest required merit badge is chock-full of critical race theory concepts that will push the BSA further to the left.

The Toll of Critical Race Theory on Our Children

My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., wouldn’t recognize this regressive version of the civil rights movement. Nor would his life and leadership mean anything to today’s critical race theorists. He preached a vision of the world which focused on character, not skin color. To today’s critical race theorists, my uncle was hopelessly naïve. They reject the vision that the civil rights movement fought for, and they will not stop until our institutions are torn down and remade.

Virginia Election Proves That Americans Reject Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory proponents have just learned the hard way the folly of their strategy. The American people reject the politicization of the classroom, the office, the military, and the houses of worship that has exploded since the civil disturbances of 2020.

But the lesson cuts both ways. Now, politicians who have discovered they can win on the issue must deliver, or else, too, feel the wrath of the voter.

Instead of “Retaking” K-12 Education, Let’s Remake It

the “public” schools are lost to us. Which leaves parents to continue asking the same question they’ve been asking for nearly two years: “What can we do?”

There is no easy answer. Attempts to work within the system mostly aren’t succeeding, the occasional victory notwithstanding. School boards across the country grow increasingly more intransigent, digging in their heels and doubling down on mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and LGBTQ+ propaganda.

No amount of pushback from parents, in the form of emails or newspaper editorials or impassioned speeches at board meetings, appears to have much effect. The education establishment is simply indifferent to parents’ concerns. They’re certain they know better, and that’s that.

So what can families do?


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