After redistricting, which alderman will represent Ballpark Commons?

May be an image of one or more people, people playing sports and text that says 'SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT RECREATION RESIDENTIAL BALLPARK COMMONS PRANKLIN.WI'

Right now Ballpark Commons, Franklin’s biggest and best destination, sits in Alderman Dan Mayer’s district. Mayer has consistently been a thorn in the development’s side, regularly and vehemently opposed. When it comes to Ballpark Commons, if this was a classic cartoon, the development would be Dudley Do-Right to Mayer’s Snidely Whiplash.

That actually goes for any potential initiative that would bring progress to the city. Mayer has rightly gained the moniker of Alderman NO.

Mayer just might have Ballpark Commons stripped from his district after the city lines are re-drawn. Alderman John Nelson could become responsible after a new map goes into effect.

That would be fortunate for the site because anyone on the Common Council would be better than Mayer, right? Let’s examine.

Just about anyone else would be a more positive fix, with the exception of Kristen Wilhelm who hasn’t exactly been a project cheerleader. But how much better would Nelson be than Mayer?

I feel the need here to mention something I’ve brought up in the past when discussing local political figures. This isn’t about whether John Nelson is a bad guy (he’s not). Speaking of reputations, an old term used in politics is that of a “pillow.”  A pillow is an elected official who bases a decision on the last conversation he/she had with someone. That would be John Nelson. And that’s generally not good.

In my view, would Nelson be more reasonable than Mayer regarding Ballpark Commons? I think yes, but not significantly so. If Ballpark Commons is hoping for strong slam dunk aldermanic support, Nelson ain’t it.

Let’s see what the new map brings and Nelson can certainly prove me wrong. Hope he does.

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