Braves win the World Series and Brewers fans are…happy?

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I don’t get it.

Lots of baseball fans were cheering for Atlanta in the Worlds Series (won by the Braves Tuesday night) rather than Houston because of the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing scandal. OK, I’ll grant them that.

Atlanta wasn’t even supposed to be here.  Consider the Braves weren’t over .500 for a single day until the first week in August. They finished 88-73 for the 12th-best record in the majors and fewest victories among playoff teams. Their win total was the lowest for a World Series champion since St. Louis’ 83 in 2006.

And yet they are champions of baseball. No apologies but I’m not celebrating. Not for the team that dumped one of the loyal fan bases in the sport by packing up and leaving town in the mid 1960’s. Hated ‘em ever since. And I always will. Just like fans today will continue to heckle the “Cheatin’ Astros” and may never stop. My animosity towards Atlanta will follow forever.

Thanks to Lance Allan at Today’s TMJ 4 for this info: The Brewers have fallen in playoffs to WS champs three years in a row (Braves ‘21, Dodgers ‘20, Nationals ‘19) and lost to World Series champions in 2011, 2008 and 1982. They lost to the World Series runner up in 2018 and 1981.

I will never understand the mentality of Brewer fans who woke up today with great satisfaction from the Atlanta victory. They claim that we can now boast (again) that the Brewers lost to the eventual champs. That’s something to brag about? That stuff is for losers. As a Brewers fan I’m upset we didn’t get to the Fall Classic. I’m ticked we were defeated, and by them to boot.

Think about how illogical this line of thinking is, happy because the champs knocked us out. Let’s change sports. Suppose the Green Bay Packers were playing the Chicago Bears or the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game with the winner going on to the Super Bowl. Probably won’t happen this year, but it could sometime in the future given the NFL’s playoff system.

Now Green Bay loses. Shouldn’t Packer backers root for the Bears in the big game or the Vikings? Isn’t that the way the sports mind works/ we can then strut with puffy chests and proclaim, “We lost to those guys, the winners!”

That’s just beyond dumb.

No tomahawk chops here. I will soon go back to cheering for every single Braves opponent. Might make an exception with the Cubs. Hate them, too.

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