Busybodies are alive and well here in Franklin

Did all Hell break loose in Franklin today?

You be the judge.

Cookie Book distribution
WE Energies photo

Today was the 1st day of the 2021 Cookie Book distribution schedule for WE Energies with locations set up in Sun Prairie and Franklin (6000 W. Ryan Road, Milw. Co. Sports Complex). More on that shortly.

Here in Franklin there’s a Facebook page called “Franklin Neighborhood Watch” that could easily be referred to as The Gossip Site. It’s absolutely ideal for our city because as nice as a community as Franklin is, it’s loaded with meddlers, buttinskies, snoops, tattletales, and spies.

Again this is the perfect page for bored souls who have nothing better to do than look out their windows, see what they discern to be a strange automobile, sending them on a mad dash to their keyboard frantically demanding what in the world is happening. I’m not joking.

If only Franklin’s obscene taxes could generate a mere fraction of the attention a burnt out streetlight receives.

Back to WE Energies. The annual cookie tradition erupted earlier when someone published a homemade meme:

All these idiots waiting for cookie book are blocking the intersections to go into subdivision off ryan and down 27th st.

Well that did it.

Alarms and bells went off all over town.

Here are just some of the reactions:

It’s once a year. Just have a little patience.

why should we be inconvenienced for some dumb cookbook people can get online? It’s ridic

many of those waiting for the book are seniors. It’s a tradition for them. Many seniors are not tech-savy. Is it too much to ask for a little patience and kindness?

I don’t have a problem with people waiting, but just don’t block intersections where others have to get in and out, especially at a stoplight.

because the me me me attitude is what matters. It’s sad.

God forbid we ever encounter a little inconvenience in our lives

I had that problem last year. I just download the book from the WE Energy site.

Idiots is right!

Who peed in your Cheerio’s this morning? 

they are lined up down and around 27th and blocking that intersection even.

If you just call WE Energies, give them your name and address, they will send you the book in the mail.

That’s what that is? OMG!

For all we pay WE, I don’t understand why every paying customer can’t receive 1 copy in mail.

You can call and order one and they will send it to you.

WeEnergies cookie book info: You can either call 1-800-242-9137 option 5 to order one through the automated system or stay on the line for a representative.

I have some smoke bombs I’ll come throw at them. That’ll do the trick

For all the people who say order it online or call, you don’t understand the tradition of this. Many of these women (mostly) make an outing of this. Several friends together who then have lunch before or after. Many have the books from 50 yrs ago pass… 

What the hell is cookie book

Omg..that is what they are waiting for Lmaooo..

But if they don’t block the intersection, someone might jump in line…

Well folks we found ourselves the first grinch of the season. First world problem of being inconvenienced for an extra 5 minutes of the day.

I waited on 51st street….people left the intersections open. Yes, it’s a tradition. The car behind me had 2 younger men with an elderly lady along with them

Imagine being so miserable that people become “idiots” for having a bit of holiday fun. 

I’m going to read my cookie book in my lawn chair on June 1st when I set up for the 4th of July parade.

The post was eventually taken down. But alas. Too late. Franklin’s Mayberry-like reputation had already been solidly on display.

Here is the rest of the cookie book distribution schedule for Wisconsin.

4 thoughts on “Busybodies are alive and well here in Franklin

  1. This is where society has come to, and why I don’t participate on Facebook.
    All the social ills you mentioned are maxxed out on there.
    I have one kid– now an adult– who started using it when it first came out.
    And these tactics of communication are essential to her. One side of a story, embellishment, gossip, outright lies…
    People always believe the teller. There’s never two sides of a story. Oh well. You see the character of people that way.
    Didn’t know they still published a cookie book from the WE. It was to save energy wasn’t it? Reminds me of MFK Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf.


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