Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Les Paul guitar? SOLD!

Les Paul was born on June 9, 1915, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

“Your boy, Lester, will never learn music,” one teacher wrote his mother. How did Paul respond? As a young boy he taught himself the harmonica, guitar and banjo.

In 1941 Paul designed a solid-body electric guitar in 1941, and the guitar was mass produced by by Gibson in 1952. His creation became the favored guitar of many rock guitarists.

Recently CBS correspondent Anthony Mason broadcast a report previewing the upcoming auction of a famous Paul guitar.

So, what happened at the auction?

“Guitarists have the ability to slur, slide, hammer, pick up and down, finger, tap, bend, whammy, vibrate, play with your palm, play with your teeth, use a slide and play with so many types of dynamics and articulations that they can’t be replicated successfully. These are the things that make guitarists so special.”

Check back at 7:00 tonight for this week’s mega-music blog.

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