Today’s highly interesting read (10/18/21): Universities Deputize Students As Mask Police To Snitch on Peers for $$$


“Snitches are emerging as enthusiastic allies as cities, states and countries work to enforce directives meant to limit person-to-person contact amid the virus pandemic… They’re phoning police and municipal hotlines, complaining to elected officials and shaming perceived scofflaws on social media.”
The Associated Press, April, 2020

So, today’s read should comes as no shock. It’s from Spencer Lindquist, an intern at the Federalist and a senior at Pepperdine University where he studies Political Science and Rhetoric and Leadership and serves as Pepperdine’s College Republicans President and the Chief of Staff of the California College Republicans. Here’s an excerpt:

How much would you have to be paid to commit social suicide? What if a paycheck wasn’t the only perk, but it also entitled you to a sickening sense of self-righteousness and an air of superiority? 

This appears to be the tradeoff many college students have made this semester as universities’ “Student Health Ambassadors,” paid adult hall monitors whose job is to patrol their campuses and enforce mask policies and distancing regulations. 

The fact that it is other students who are enforcing mask and distancing policies makes the situation far worse. Not only are adults getting paid to be professional hall monitors, an embarrassing proposition in and of itself, but peers are being elevated above one another, ascending a hierarchy through dutiful compliance to asinine regulations. 

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (10/18/21): Universities Deputize Students As Mask Police To Snitch on Peers for $$$

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