More $$$ pouring into Franklin schools

Wisconsin DPI: School district racism probe deficient

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Friday posted state general school aids that school districts will receive during the current school year. The information published includes certified general school aid amounts for each school district. General school aids are the largest form of state support for PK-12 schools in Wisconsin and are based on prior year data.

Franklin is one of 272 school districts in Wisconsin that received an increase in aid. With #1 being the district that saw the largest increase Franklin ranks 51st.

Stats for Franklin:

This year’s aid:  $23,488,268        

Last year’s aid: $21,287,962         

The amount of increase this year: $2,200,306       

The percent change in the increase of aid this year: 10.34%

Source: DPI

Doesn’t matter to the Franklin educrats. They will cry and moan that it’s still not enough.

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