Is WI one of the states? Of course not

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On September 29th, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent an outrageous letter to Joe Biden. It reads in part:

Dear Mr. President: America’s public schools and its education leaders are under an immediate threat. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) respectfully asks for federal law enforcement and other assistance to deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.

NSBA believes immediate assistance is required to protect our students, school board members, and educators who are susceptible to acts of violence affecting interstate commerce because of threats to their districts, families, and personal safety.

As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. As such, NSBA requests a joint expedited review by the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, and Homeland Security, along with the appropriate training, coordination, investigations, and enforcement mechanisms from the FBI.

The NSBA mentioned it represents “our state associations and the more than 90,000 school board members who govern our country’s 14,000 local public school districts.” However in this case it fails to speak for all of its membership.

Thomas Gallatin writes in The Patriot Post:

Several state school boards associations are disavowing  and distancing themselves from the National School Boards Association’s letter sent to Joe Biden’s Justice Department that labeled protesting parents as “domestic terrorists” and called for action against them. At least 11 states’ school boards associations have voiced their opposition to the NSBA’s letter, including Virginia. That’s significant given the fact that Loudoun County has become the national epicenter for parents protesting and voicing their opposition to the school board’s imposing of radical leftist policies regarding transgender ideology and Critical Race Theory.

“The decision by NSBA to write this letter is not the first disagreement that [the Virginia School Boards Association] has had with its national association and probably will not be the last, but it is important that our members and the citizens of this state know where VSBA stands,” wrote Virginia School Boards Association President Janet Turner-Giles and Executive Director Gina G. Patterson.

Texas School Boards Association executive directory Tiffany Dunne-Oldfield voiced similar opposition: “Our position here at TASB has always been that school board meetings should be places where parents and community members are welcomed and provided the opportunity to openly share their opinions and concerns on how the schools in their community are being governed.”

Thus far, state school boards of Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia have voiced their opposition to the NSBA, while state school boards in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Texas have said that the NSBA did not consult or notify them before sending its infamous letter to the DOJ.

Tellingly, it appears that what motivated the NSBA to call on the DOJ to threaten parents was not a bunch of state school boards but rather groups tied to the Democrat Party and labor unions. While the NSBA is officially a nonpartisan outfit, its biggest donors happen to be Democrats.

The WI Association of School Boards (WASB) has not spoken out against the NSBA letter. Some enterprising member of the news media should ask why not.

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