Does Milw. County Supervisor Patti Logsdon fear an old opponent, Steve Taylor?

The answer is a resounding YES.

How do I know? It’s real simple. She practically admitted as much on the record at a public meeting. That’s not difficult to understand. Logsdon politically is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

This requires some explanation and this isn’t the sexiest or most interesting topic, so please stay with me and follow along.

We’re talking redistricting, re-drawing boundaries for Milwaukee County supervisor districts.  For example, Patti Logsdon represents District #9 including the Village of Hales Corners, portions of the City of Franklin, and most of the City of Oak Creek.

THIS IS CRITICAL TO OUR CONVERSATION: Logsdon was elected to the Milwaukee County Board in 2018, defeating the incumbent Steve Taylor. Logsdon did absolutely NOTHING on her own to win. She sat back as former Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele personally bankrolled her campaign with an avalanche of smear lit pieces while former Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander acted as her sole mouthpiece. Logsdon literally lounged on the sidelines and watched it all unfold, never lifting a finger. Taylor never had a chance.

Logsdon is up for re-election next spring, and while Taylor hasn’t announced he’ll run against here, there are strong indications he will. Logsdon is fully aware. Keep in mind as we move forward.

The County Board is under the gun, having about a month to meet a deadline to re-district. So they’ve been meeting with a so-called “Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC)” composed of six (6) retired judges. Independent? What a joke. One of the judges is ultra-leftist Fred Kessler. They didn’t call him ‘Ol’ Red Fred’ for nothing.

Remember this is the County Board, a walking talking clown car. It’s been unable to come up with a map they can agree on. The most recent document before them is map ‘k.’ If you know your alphabet you can see how many maps they’ve considered and how many they’ve tossed out.

On Wednesday the full Milwaukee County Board met to consider the latest map, ‘k.’ It was rejected unanimously by the board, but not before Logsdon made stunning remarks on the record.

Again, please follow along. Logsdon represents District #9. Tony Staskunas who like Logsdon represents a part of Franklin is in District #17.

At Wednesday’s County Board meeting Logsdon made it no secret she wanted action to approve a map to protect her hide.

Logsdon argued, and I quote,   “The SE portion of the new District 17 area south of Puetz and east of 35th  Street in the city of Franklin could be added to the District 9 map where there is no incumbent.”

Logsdon said District 17 could be adjusted to include east of 35th Street.

Hello. Steve Taylor lives east of 35th Street.

Logsdon in an open forum advocated that Staskunas’ district be re-drawn to include Steve Taylor’s residence, thus knocking him out of her District 9 and preventing him from running against her.

How incredibly stupid can you be?

Logsdon couldn’t stop stuffing leather in her mouth. She stated d she earlier vote for the current map ‘k’  because she didn’t want to delay a final map, but  was now going to vote against it. Flip flop, flip flop. Now there’s strong leadership.

Logsdon claimed she felt the current map would violate the Voting Rights Act and might subject the county to a lawsuit. She made such claims after others on the board made similar comments allowing her to subsequently concur and pile on.

Don’t kid yourself. Logsdon doesn’t care about any of that. Suddenly she brazenly wants to create a map that shuts the door on a potential candidate that would send her hair on fire. And then stunningly puts her unscrupulous cards right on the table.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Does Milw. County Supervisor Patti Logsdon fear an old opponent, Steve Taylor?

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