Hang on, Kyla!

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Our 12-year old Kyla has an anniversary of sorts today.

Four weeks ago today while at Irish dance class at her school, Glencastle headquartered in Franklin, WI, Kyla was doing a step when, OUCH, she landed wrong and suffered a typical Irish dance injury.

Kyla heard the snap. A fellow dancer standing right next to her heard the snap. And a nearby instructor heard the snap, too.

We got the call minutes later to come and get her. The hope was it was a bad sprain.

A wait at urgent care to be called, to be questioned, to get X-rays, to have the X-rays developed, to get the verdict, to finally be sent home can feel like an eternity.

Clean break. The fifth metatarsal is the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the small toe. Fractures in this bone are common. Had the break happened anywhere further up the foot surgery might have been required. Instead, Kyla was placed in a boot that was actually lower than most contraptions you see.

Kyla is healing well. Very little pain. Her attitude gets an A+. She’ll recover in time to perform here.

Six weeks was the diagnosed recovery. Four weeks today. Almost there, sweetheart.

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