Young teen asks for professional advice…doesn’t get what he/she wanted

Sleeping Next To Your Phone: Is It A Bad Idea?

You’ve just gotta love Dr. Robert Wallace, a member of the National Education Association and the National Association of High School Administrators.  Wallace writes a national advice column taking questions from readers.

Here’s an excerpt from a column he just posted:

Every night before I go to bed, my parents take my phone away from me and put it in their room. In the morning they give it back to me when I finish breakfast and am ready to leave for school.

Should I ask my parents to let me have my phone 24/7 like my friends do?

Oh my. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s like tossing a big fat juicy meatball over home plate to Willie Mays.

How did Wallace respond? The answer is here.

ALSO, check out my series on the dangers of smartphones. Lots of good material.

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