Today’s highly interesting read (10/03/21): Should America’s churches enforce vaccine mandates?

That’s the interior of St. Anthony’s Church, located on the corner of S. 9th and Mitchell Streets in Milwaukee. It’s the only parish I’ve ever belonged to dating back to my baptism as a baby.

My father was a longtime usher at the weekly mid-morning Mass and got me into ushering at the same Mass when I was in grade school. That was in 1970. Do the math. A ton of years passing the basket.

Granted my beloved church is in a bit of a rough neighborhood. So I often get ‘you’re still going there’? Yes I am, and will usher at St. Anthony’s as long as I possibly can.

BUT, would I ever just stop? Would I just one day abruptly quit?

Oh you better believe it.

On this Sunday today’s read is from the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.

If this requirement was to be enforced at my church, I would politely say Hell No.

Take a look.



2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (10/03/21): Should America’s churches enforce vaccine mandates?

  1. We’ve decided to go to a parish that has optional masks. Our other parish is city of Racine. Zero Covid cases yet mask mandate. I just can’t wear a mask and risk a migraine. There is a terror, a real terror of making the low grade, always there dull aching throb into a monster. Plus, this new parish has padded seating and helps support my spine. The pews can set off something awful.
    If I was forced to take a vaccine or not attend there is no question. * I will not comply.* I would say that in Bergoglio’s face. There is no other answer. This is one of the many hills I’ve picked to die on. I can barely run down the driveway and step on an ant but when the time comes…don’t bet against me. I’m working on my Bette Davis voice. I think you know what I mean. But if you don’t I can find a snippet of video from HHSC where she lets out a command even Hillary would freeze in her tracks and obey.


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